Future You webinars

January, 2022

Get inspiring advice and in-depth insights from employers, careers advisers, students and graduates by attending the Future You webinars from Prospects


Covering popular topics our webinars will help you take the next steps in your journey, whether you already have a detailed career plan in place or you're not quite sure where to turn next. You'll need to register to get the opportunity to put your questions to the experts at each webinar.

If you're interested in an event that doesn't have a registration link then get in touch with marketing.prospects@jisc.ac.uk and we'll let you know when you can register.

Past events

Looking after your mental health at university - Dr Dominique Thompson, former university GP and clinical advisor at Student Minds offers her advice.

Understanding your employment rights - Senior ACAS adviser Maggie Steven will tell you what to expect from employers during the recruitment process.

Managing your money - Let Vivi Friedgut, founder and CEO of Blackbullion turn you into a money-savvy student.

Boosting your employability - Get tips from the University of Reading, the University of Cambridge and the University of Bedfordshire on making the most of your time at university. Read the transcript.

The changes to qualifying as a lawyer - Hear from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Law Training Centre about what the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) involves. Read the transcript.

Getting to grips with postgraduate study - Hear from Rose Bruford College and the University of Hertfordshire about what to expect as a postgraduate student. Read the transcript.

Building your confidence - Get tips from Suzie Sharpe, career and wellness trainer and coach at Key Change Training. Read the transcript.

Getting women into STEM - Tehreem Sheikh, CEO/co-founder of Hire STEM Women explains about the gender gap. Read the transcript.

The growth mindset - Hear from Rebecca Fielding, founder and managing director at Gradconsult. Read the transcript.

Acing virtual assessment centres - Get advice from expert recruiters at Aldi, Arcadis and Police Now. Read the transcript.

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If you have any comments on the webinars, questions about careers, or technical issues, get in touch by email.

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